17hats Back Office Setup for RTT students and graduates

17hats is an all-in-one, mobile-friendly small business CRM platform that lets you organize, systemize, and grow. It makes business management and admin a total breeze! From sending contracts to payment reminders, accepting signatures and credit cards online and it integrates with calendar and email too.  Regardless of the physical location of your clients, you can build your online digital business with ease.

It is such a nice feeling to know that your entire back office is set up correctly and that your clients will be looked after in an automated, professional way so that you can concentrate on your genius zone: helping others transform.


  • Digital Invoice Template
  • Digital Intake Form Template
  • Digital Contract Template
  • Follow up email templates
  • Reminder email templates
  • Follow up email sequences linked to your calendar booking system**
  • Testimonial Feedback Template
  • Automated 16 step Workflow Template
  • Customization with your logo and brand colours (if available)


Step 1:

We will kick off the process with a detailed intake form that will give you the opportunity to let me know anything that is important to your setup. You will need to return your intake form to me along with your logo and brand elements (if available), and any other documents that you may be using that you would like incorporated in your setup.

Step 2:

I will install your templates and personalize the setup to you and your branding (if available) and contact you with any final tweaks that I need your input on. Once those elements have been updated you will be all good to go.

Step 3: (Optional)

Book in for your personalised tech Power Hour (recorded for future reference) where we deep dive into your setup and you learn all the tips and tricks to be able to manage and add to your setup going forward: learn how to take and tweak all templates and make them your own for new and existing offers, create leadforms, workflows, quotes, automations, website integrations and so much more … it is your system so ask me whatever you need – worth $350

Step 4: (OPTIONAL)

If you have selected to have your beautiful logo and branding added to this package, all that remains is for you to finalize the designs and I will add them to your 17hats setup.

Details and Timelines


Leave the headaches to me, I will install all of the templates into your subscription of 17hats within 1 working day. If I need any additional information from you  I will drop you an email.  Once setup you will receive a final tweaks email outlining anything that requires your input. If you have opted for the coaching option you will then receive a link to book in. For logo design options you will also receive a separate call to bring your vision to life and I will update your 17hats setup once that is complete.


Subscription to a 17hats service is required and is not included in the setup fee. In order to utilise the automation services within the workflow templates you will need to subscribe to Level 3.  If you do not have a subscription yet you can grab your free trial and 50% off here. 

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